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Discover The marvellous Portobello Hotel London

|| Portobello Hotel London: A boutique hotel in the beautiful Notting Hill area ||

Portobello hotel, a truly romantic hotel, with it's bohemian and neo-classical rooms is located on the more quiet side on the infamous Stanley Crescent, at the astonishing Notting Hill. We have made summer memories that will last forever during our trip to London in August 2022. We were invited to create content for Portobello hotel and Joe and I were celebrating our 3 year anniversary in the marvellous Portobello hotel, while doing what we love the most: working and creating beautiful content together.
Written by: Stephanie Gabriella

The concept

The Portobello Hotel London is a boutique hotel with luxurious details that can be found in their neo-classical interior. The hotel has 24 rooms, with each a different interior design, no room is the same. This makes it even more excited to go back to this place and try out other rooms, when you will visit London again. Portobello Hotel marks as one of London's most well-known luxury boutique hotels, with so much history as it is founded in 1971.

The rooms

As previously mentioned each room in the hotel has a different interior. The style stays prominently the same, however the colours and patterns are a bit different. The rooms are categorised as: Good, Better, Great, Marvellous and Outstanding rooms. We stayed in three different rooms and our personal favourite is the 'Outstanding room 22'. The incredible bath oil topped our experience off. Imagine: walking across half of London, going back to your hotel, only to have an incredible bath experience because of that suiting absolutely relaxing bath oil.' With the perfect colour combination of pink and light blue, getting breakfast served in our rooms, this definitely gave us the best experience we had in Portobello hotel.

We also stayed in one of the other 'Marvellous rooms'. This one had a particular green interior with some brown details in it. It was our second favorite room of our total stay. The division of this room was quite nice as it allows you to enjoy your bath in the bathroom and not inside of the sleeping area. Whereas the other Marvellous room has its bathtub without doors. If you don't like an open bath, than this green Marvellous room is the best fit for you. In both rooms we had an amazing time. However, in terms of the colors and space, we prefer room 22. When the sun comes through the lightning adds something romantic to the room. Also, there is a secret door that might look like a bookshelf, however it isn't. You will find this out when you book a stay here yourself.

Lastly, we also slept in one of the 'Better rooms', which is covers in completely soft pink and purple tones. In our opinion so beautiful, but quite hot during summer. The room is about 26m2 and perfect for a romantic get away to London. To get an impression of this room, I also added a few of our favourite photos.

The Food

Their breakfast is so delicious! To have breakfast in the dining area is a delight. From the small details of how it's set up, to the quality of the products. Have you ever seen a menu inside of a beautiful golden frame? This was one of the details of Portobello, that make the hotel stylish, yet so unique.

You can choose to have a continental breakfast with all kinds of pastries, coffees, tea, juices and more. Or, you can take the opportunity to select what you want on a card the night before. When you do this, you need to hang it on the door and it will be picked up by the staff. In this case you won't need to order this on the next morning, but they will bring your order right to you.

The services

When we arrived at Portobello Hotel London, Krystyna gave us a warm welcome. We could wait in the dining area for as long as needed to get in to our room. Overall the staff of Portobello is very hospitable. If you are in need of any information about the surroundings of the hotel, restaurant recommendations or any other questions there was always someone who could assist you. Want to see more facilities? Click on the button below to see what they offer.

The Location

Portobello Hotel is based on an excellent location. Especially during summer time. With just a few steps you can enjoy wandering around on The Portobello Market. There are a lot of good restaurants, pubs and cafés near by as well. As you will be in the heart of the beautiful neighbourhood Notting Hill and Portobello Road.

Things to do or see near by:

  • Lancaster Green 850 m

  • Portobello Market 1 km

  • Piccadilly Circus. 4,8 km

  • Trafalgar Square 5 km

  • Sky Garden 8 km

  • British Museum 5 km

  • Big Ben 6 km

  • Natuurhistorisch Museum Londen 2,7 km

  • Madame Tussauds 3,7 km

  • Buckingham Palace 4,5 km

  • Metro station Notting Hill Gate 650 m

  • Metro Holland Park 600 m

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Love, Stephanie Gabriëlla


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