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|    It all started when... 

Two creatives met each other in the middle of Amsterdam. We fell in love with each other by talking and connecting about the same subjects. On the 6th of August 2019, our relationship started. We had 22 dates in a row and during these days together, our dates immediately merged into travelling together. 

We both had a huge passion for travelling, interior, fashion and art. We booked our first trip to London in September 2019, where I (Steph) had to work for London Fashion week. With my journalism, marketing background and passion for online concepts Joe and I were a fit from the beginning. Since, he has a background in interior and architecture design and love for photography. 

After our trip to Switzerland in December 2019, we started our travel Instagram account with the main purpose of inspiring others to travel and discover beautiful places. Exploring beautiful places transformed into discovering beautiful stays all over the world and capturing various concepts from hotels, restaurants and brands. Now, we are creative content creators of travel and lifestyle. We combine our creative vision with our skills to create authentic content together with our partners and love to share your story with a broader audience. We deliver content that can be used for a long term rather than just a season, we specialise in translating the atmosphere of a real life experience into visual content that can be shared for all kinds of online purposes. 



My name is Joey Joell and I am the visual creator behind Travelconvos. With my background as an interior designer I create an eye and feel for spaces and places. I focus on details that create an interest to see more and admire to share the total experience with a cinematic edit when it comes to video.

I care about a realistic photo edit with warm hints to create the thought of: 'I wish I was here'. 

A video gives the honest experience of what I felt, saw and heard, but photos are the canvas to inspire others to have an everlasting memory at certain places, restaurants and hotels. 

From modern to classic and from bohemian to fusion interior, they all have a special piece to capture and share.




My name is Stephanie Gabriella and I am the online writer, concept thinker and administrator of Travelconvos. I have studied a major in Media and studied a minor in Arts Journalism in London. I used to be an online editor and content specialist for various companies. My love for global concepts has always been here and I love to think about stories with brands within the travel and fashion industry. My purpose is to create a strong story for brands and translate the experiences at different places and moments into a remarkable story for anyone to remember.  



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