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Zanzibar - 15 Favorite Things To Do

Zanzibar Things To Do: A Guide With Our Favourite Zanzibar Activities

Zanzibar, is THE island where we left our hearts.
A wise person told us once: The moment you step foot on the island, you never want to leave.

She was definitely right about that. Zanzibar is an island where the lifestyle is also known as: Hakuna Matata. They have incredible spices, amazing sunsets, the clearest ocean and it's a perfect honeymoon destination.


Written by: Stephanie Gabriella

1. Visit Jozani Forest

A must see in Zanzibar is definitely the Jozani Forest. It's the only national park on Zanzibar Island and it's a very small (only 50 kilometres square) beautiful green place with monkeys to visit.

Jozani Forest is also famous for its rare Red Colobus Monkeys and are hard to spot. However, you may also see a Bushbaby monkey, 50 different species of butterflies and 40 species of all kinds of birds. Jozani Forest is declared as a nature reserve in the 1960s.

You can book this tour before hand with the same travel guide as us: Kassim. He drove us to all the beautiful things the island has to offer.

The entrance fee is: $7.30 if you go on your own. This includes a guide that shows you around in the forest.
There is also a mangrove area on the other side of the park. Here there are various plants and trees to find. and they are used as natural remedies.

A remark: A guide isn't necessary as you can't get lost on the boardwalk as it leads to one direction.

2. Rent a Transparent


You know those beautiful transparent Kayaks you see on Pinterest? They have them in Zanzibar Island at Kings surf and it's an amazing experience. Just think about it: floating on the Indian Ocean. It gives you such a relaxed feeling.

If you are at Nungwi beach, we recommend to take a boat taxi and you'll be there in less than 10 minutes.

Additional information:

Location: Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar -Near Sunset Beach Hotel
Entrance fee:
Kayaks: $20 for 30 minutes and $40 for 1 hour
Stand up Paddleboards: $15 for 1 hour
About the Kayaks: 1 Kayak seats 2 people
Opening times: 8AM - 6:30 PM (Every day)

For any questions: Click here to contact Kingz surf

3. Go on a Reef Tour

Are you curious to see what lives on the reef of the Indian Ocean?

Definitely book a reef tour at Kassim and he will take you on a reef tour when it's low tide at Pwani Mchangani and tell you everything you need to know to discover animals you might never heard of before. Such as Sea Urchins, Spider star fishes and many more. The tour will take upon 1,5/2 hours.

Location: Pwani Mchangani

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